Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

    Legal framework

    In compliance with the regulations in force, the entity AUTOSOL S.C.A., which operates through the internet from the present website WWW.AUTOSOL.ES, details below the general contracting conditions of the products and/or services offered through the same and from which the rights and obligations of the parties are generated.


    The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions of Contract (hereinafter “Conditions”) is to regulate the relationship between AUTOSOL S.C.A. (hereinafter the “Provider”) and the customers (hereinafter the “User”), relating to all transactions carried out through the website of the online shop.

        Provider Company COMPANY COMPANY NAME: AUTOSOL S.C.A.


        CIF: F29032984



        PROVINCE: MALAGA C.P.: 29620

        TELEPHONE: 952380295

        E-MAIL: info@autosol.es

        And on the other hand:

        The Client

        The client shall be understood to be the internet user who acquires this status by accessing the website, and is responsible for the veracity of the personal data provided to the provider.


    By accepting these Conditions, the client declares:

        That he/she is a person with the capacity to contract in accordance with current legislation.

        That he/she has read and accepts these Conditions.


    The User will always and in any case have access, prior to the start of the product contracting procedure, to the conditions, which may be stored and/or reproduced on a durable medium.

    Validity or Duration

    The period of validity or duration of these Conditions and specific contracting conditions will be the time that they remain published on the aforementioned website and will be applicable from the moment the User makes use of the website and/or proceeds to contract any products.


    The Provider reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Conditions, without this affecting the goods or promotions that were purchased prior to the modification by the User. The User undertakes to read the contracting conditions carefully each time he/she proceeds to contract any product, given that they may have been subject to modification since the last time he/she accessed them.


    If any clause included in these Conditions is declared totally or partially null and void or ineffective, such nullity shall only affect that provision or that part of it which is null and void or ineffective, and the Conditions shall remain in force in all other respects.

    Subject matter of the contract

    The purpose of this contract is to regulate the contractual relationship of purchase and sale between the Provider and the User at the time the latter accepts the purchase during the online contracting process by means of the mechanisms set out below: The contractual relationship of purchase and sale entails the delivery, in exchange for a specific price and publicly displayed through the website, of one or more specific products. Each of these products may be subject to a specific regulation by means of the particular contracting conditions of each one of them, of which more detail will be given in the section on guarantee, returns, withdrawal, or in the technical data sheet of the product itself, due to the different formats in which the products are marketed, their packaging or their very nature.

    Access to the website

    The customer can book the services on the website, on the home screen of the same, entering the origin, destination, passengers, date and time of collection, you can also select if you have a promotional code. Once established, click on search, and the website will give us the different options of available vehicles. Once the vehicle has been selected, the customer will enter the personal details required as obligatory: name and surname, email and telephone.

    Geographical scope

    This website operates and sells in the Spanish territory. Hereinafter, this geographical area will be understood as “the Territory”. Therefore, bookings are only made in the Territory. The use of this website as well as any reservation made on this website is considered to be made in Spain, and therefore subject to the Spanish laws and regulations in force. The Provider does not accept or deliver orders outside the aforementioned Territory. The foregoing is without prejudice to the fact that we may soon be able to offer these services in the excluded areas, in which case it will be announced in advance on this website.

Product Information

    The Provider pays great attention to the information concerning the characteristics of the services by means of technical descriptions and photographs illustrating the vehicles available. All this is done within the limits of technology and in compliance with market standards.

    Taxes, currency and shipping costs

    In accordance with current legislation, all purchases made through the website are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT). The prices indicated for each product include Value Added Tax (VAT) and are always expressed in Euro currency (€). These prices, unless expressly stated otherwise, do not include shipping costs or any other additional services and annexes to the product purchased.

    Language in which the contract is carried out

    The contracting procedure and pre-contractual information is in Spanish and English and these languages will be used to carry out the contract.

    Steps in the Booking Process

    14.1 Registration

    Not applicable.14.2 Booking Process

    The booking process is easy and straightforward.

        Selection of origin, destination, dates and number of adults, children and babies.

        Selection of vehicle type.

        Selection of extras.

        Enter flight details, personal details, contact email and telephone and payment method/details (choice of cash, credit card or Paypal).

        ddispositions to take into account in the purchase process.

    Types of products

    The website offers the following services:

        Transfer services between Malaga Airport and any point in Spain.

        Transfer services between two points within Andalusia.

        Excursion and visit services.

        Driver services at your disposal.

        Wedding car services.

    Maximum order amount

    Each booking can only be made for two services, i.e. the outward and the return trip.

    How to cancel my order

    Cancellations of services will be made by email to info@autosol.es and with 24 hours notice. Cancellations of services using the web booking system can be made up to 24 hours before the first date of your transfer. In case of payment to the driver, the cancellation is free of charge for the client. Otherwise if your booking was paid using Paypal, 20% of the total amount will be retained as a cancellation fee.The opening hours for notification of cancellations or modifications will be from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.


    Where can I check my invoice? The invoice can be requested by emailing facturacion@autosol.es.

    Value added tax

    In accordance with current legislation, all purchases made through the website will be subject to Value Added Tax (VAT).

    Methods or methods of payment

    In general, the User may choose the method of payment:

        By credit/debit card, for which he/she shall provide, among others:

            name and surname;

            card number;


            card expiry date;

            Once you have validated all the information about your booking, you will be asked to choose the payment method you wish to use and enter your details.

    In the event that the payment platform informs you that your card has been declined, the order will be automatically cancelled and the customer will be informed of the cancellation online, as mentioned above.

        By bank transfer

        You must make the transfer to the account that will be indicated in due course. IMPORTANT: as a concept of the transfer you must indicate only the number of the order that will be indicated to you.

        By Paypal

        You can pay for your purchase through Paypal. Your card details will not be saved in our database, as they will be filled in on the secure website of the chosen bank.

General Provisions on the Payment Process

        The payment order given by the customer necessarily implies adherence to these General Terms and Conditions as well as the particular conditions of the booking.

        For any form of payment chosen by the customer, all payments will be subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the same by the intervening financial institutions or secure payment platforms (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, etc.).

        Once payment has been made correctly, the customer receives a confirmation email from us with details of their booking and confirmation of payment. For cash payments, the system sends a confirmation email with the details of the booking.

The Provider reserves the right to cancel payments or reservations in the event that there are indications of fraudulent transactions, bringing to the attention of the competent authorities any conduct that may be subject to investigation for the prevention of fraud.

    Returns of defective, damaged or incorrect products or exercising the right of Withdrawal

    According to Article 103 section L) of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, the marketing of our products are exempt from the application of the right of withdrawal. The article states the following: “The supply of accommodation services for purposes other than serving as a dwelling, transport of goods, car rental, food or services related to leisure activities, if the contracts provide for a specific date or period of performance”.

    Customer service: Help, Suggestions and Complaints

    At any time, you can contact our Customer Service for help, suggestions or complaints by writing to info@autosol.es, or by calling +34 952 380 295 24 hours a day.

    Product warranty

    All items offered on our website have the official manufacturer’s warranty under the legally established terms.

    Rights of the Provider

        To maintain, modify or suspend its website without prior notice.

        Modify the price of the offers.

        Refuse orders due to lack of stock or non-payment by the customer.

        Refuse access to IT tools to customers in the event of non-compliance with these conditions. – Receive the amount of the customer’s purchases, once the transaction has been accepted.

        To reserve title and retain full ownership of the item until full payment by the customer.

        Not to reproduce, sell or dispose of the information published by the Provider in all its contents without the express permission of the company itself.

        Proceed to correct or amend human or computer errors.

    Limitation of liability

Limitation of liability

    All information provided by the User to the Provider and through the relevant forms must be truthful. It is the User’s responsibility to keep the data supplied to the Provider duly updated. In any event, the Provider disclaims any liability for damages caused as a result of having provided false, insufficient, inaccurate or incorrect information. Access to the Website does not imply any obligation on the part of the Provider to verify the authenticity, suitability, completeness, accuracy, adequacy and updating of the information provided by the User through the relevant forms. Provider shall not be liable in those cases in which it is incumbent upon the parents, guardians or legal representatives of underage or disabled Users to authorise the access, provision of personal information or use of the Website or the contracting of any products or services provided through the applications or web platform. It shall be the responsibility of the aforementioned parents, guardians or legal representatives to supervise the access and use of the minor or incapacitated person to contract the products and services provided through WWW.AUTOSOL.ESUsers’ access to the Contents does not imply any obligation on the part of the Provider to control the absence of viruses or computer elements that may have any harmful effect on the User’s computer equipment. In any case, it shall be the User’s responsibility to have the necessary tools to detect such viruses or harmful computer elements. Consequently, the Provider shall not be liable for any possible damage caused to the computer equipment of Users or third parties during access to the Contents. The Provider shall not be liable for any interruptions that may occur in the electrical or telecommunications services that prevent Users from using the services offered.

    Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

    These terms and conditions shall be governed by or construed in accordance with Spanish law to the extent not expressly provided herein. The provider and the user agree to submit any dispute that may arise from the provision of products or services covered by these conditions, to the Courts and Tribunals of the user’s domicile, in the event that the user is domiciled outside Spain, the provider and the user expressly waive any other forum, submitting to the Courts and Tribunals of the domicile of the OWNER OF THE WEBSITE. Online dispute resolution platform for consumers and traders The European Commission has launched a platform to help consumers and traders resolve disputes relating to purchases made on the Internet. Address to the platform: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=ES

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