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Prepare my trip
I can’t find my accommodation while booking. In case your accommodation is not listed in the system (on field “Destination”) just need to enter the name of the resort where it is located. On the 3rd step the system will request the full address your are heading to.
How many pieces of luggage can I take? You can travel with the number of pieces of luggage you need, as long as it is not merchandise, dangerous goods or prohibited and restricted objects. You should select one or several vehicles with enough capacity to travel comfortably with your luggage. We invite you to use the Baggage Calculator o select the right vehicle for your transfer.
Travel with sport items To travel with sport items you need to reserve a vehicle that has enough space for passengers and luggage. Visit the baggage calculator to know what type of vehicle best suits your needs.
Travel with merchandise Autosol Group has the necessary licenses and permits for the transport of passengers along with their luggage. The transport of goods in any of our vehicles is not accepted under any circumstance.
Arrivals at the Malaga Train Station (Maria Zambrano Train Station) The driver will be waiting for you in the hall of the Malaga Train Station – María Zambrano holding a sign with the name provided in the reservation.
Accessibility and special needs
Children traveling alone Unaccompanied minors are not accepted in our services.
Pregnant passengers Pregnant women can travel in our vehicles at any time during their pregnancy. Like the rest of passengers, they must use the safety belt placed correctly with the diagonal part of it resting on the shoulder, between the breasts and surrounding the abdomen. The lower band of the safety belt should be placed on the lower abdomen, as close as possible to the hips.
Passengers in need of additional oxygen Passengers with additional oxygen needs can travel in all our vehicles carrying their bottle of medical oxygen.
Passengers with cast limbs The passengers with a upper limb in plaster (arms) can travel in all our vehicles, although we advise to select a wide vehicle to travel comfortably. In the case of the lower extremities (legs), a minivan type vehicle with enough space to travel comfortably and safely must be selected.
Passengers with functional diversity Adapted vehicles for Passengers with Reduced Mobility area vailable, as well as vehicles with large luggage compartments to transport wheelchairs or mobility scooters among others. Likewise, we have a special service to assist passengers traveling with assistance dogs or with hearing and / or visual disabilities. Contact us for more details.
Traveling with children Children between 0 and 12 years of age (or up to 135 cm in height) should always travel in the back seats of the vehicle. In addition, they must travel in a chair appropriate to their age and weight (Maxi Cosi, baby chair or booster) that you can request at the time of making your reservation. Click here for more details.
Traveling with pets You can travel with your pet (dogs and cats) in all our private services. To transport them safely, it is necessary that they travel inside their pet box and in the rear area of the vehicle when they are small pets. In the case of larger pets, they will travel in the back of a Station Wagon type vehicle or Minivan to ensure they travel adequately with enough space and ventilation during the trip.
Discounts, special promotions and refunds
I have canceled my reservation, how can I request a refund? Once we receive the cancellation of your reservation, and provided you are within the deadlines set in the conditions of service, we will proceed to confirm the refund straight away.
My discount code has expired, what should I do? If the discount code has expired you can check our promotions section to know the discounts in force for transfers from Malaga Airport to your accommodation and vice versa.
I have a promotional discount code, how can I use it? You can use the promotional discount for your transfer between Malaga Airport and your accommodation on the Costa del Sol in the reservation system. You just have to click on “I have a promotional code” and add your code. The discount will be applied automatically.
Incidents during the trip
Lost and found In case you lost a personal belonging in one of our vehicles don’t worry, it is most likely that the driver found it and it is stored in our headquarters. Please fill in this form in detail to manage the return and let us a little time to organize it. Remember that you don’t need to contact us by the phone, as we will contact you within the 5 next day to give all the details.
I cannot find the driver of my transfer to the airport We apologize for the inconveniences. In case you can not find the driver for the transfer from your accommodation to the airport, contact us by phone to resolve the incident immediately. Do not worry, in most cases these are small delays due to traffic, especially in the summer.
The airline has lost my luggage We regret that this is the beginning of your stay on the Costa del Sol, and that is why we will wait for you as long as necessary to carry out the arrangements with the airline. We only need you to contact us by phone to report the incident to the driver of the service. Please note that if we do not receive such information, the driver will wait one hour from the confirmed arrival time of the flight to Málaga Airport, as well as in the rest of the airports in Andalucia and Gibraltar.
My flight is delayed, what should I do? Do not worry. All drivers check in real time the arrival of all flights to Malaga Airport and we will be waiting for as long as necessary until your arrival at no additional cost. And the same for arrivals at the airports of the rest of Andalucia and Gibraltar Airport.
I have canceled my reservation, how can I request a refund? Once we receive the cancellation of your reservation, and provided you are within the deadlines set in the conditions of service, we will proceed to confirm the refund straight away.
How to find the driver of my transfer The driver will be waiting for you in the arrival hall of the Malaga Airport carrying a sign with the name provided during the reservation. The meeting point is located after the baggage reclaim area, after the sliding door exit. On the right you will see Autosol’s driver with a light blue shirt and dark blue tie. Welcome to Malaga - Autosol Private Transfers Meet and greet Malaga Airport AGP - Malaga Airport Transfers